2012-02-14 @ 09:23:54 Publicerad i Everyday life,

Okay. So, I decided to dump my old blog and start a completley new one. I just felt for a fresh start! 

I've been working on a slightly more advanced design for this blog... that I just deleted. I sat and fingered with that design for maybe 2-3 weeks and changed things back and forth. But eventually it all became too much and I changed it back to a simpler, minimalistic design.

But, aaanyhow, welcome to my blog!


Postat av: PapplitZ

Publicerad 2012-02-17 18:02:35

Simple and clean ususlly signals good taste. Good luck with your new blog and design. I like it!

Postat av: Freddy

Publicerad 2012-02-17 19:55:04

Like it! Looking forward to read your posts :D

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